The Need to Know and Share

I don’t think I have found a subject I am not interested in learning more about. History is my favorite subject to investigate and dive into and it’s hard to find something without a history. I don’t even need to be directly connected to the event, person or topic for it to interest me. I’ve followed the trail of an old marriage certificate, a letter, a newspaper story, a WWII missing crew report, a song, as well as my own genealogy and that of others.

One thing will often lead to another and before you know it I’m so deep into the rabbit hole that I find it hard to get back out. Most of the time I never get to the absolute end of the path I’m led down but I learn a lot along the way and a lot of it is worth sharing.

Everyone has a story and so often the only ones that get told are those that had the family with the means to record them and share them. For every story we hear there are countless others that never get told. I am mostly interested in these stories. They should be told.


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