My grandmother Elsie Allie Kate Denton was named for her grandmothers, Alice and Kate Denton and their mother Elizabeth Denton. Elizabeth Denton was married to her first cousin David Campbell Denton. Her daughter Alice married her first cousin David Blessing Denton and Kate married John B. Widener. Their children Frank Nathan Denton and Millie Widener were my grandmother’s parents.

For the most part these Dentons lived in southwest Virginia in an area called Denton’s Valley where my grandmother was born.  They were farmers in the early years and later generations moved across the border to Bristol or Johnson City to work in the factories. After World War II, many of the young men left for even larger cities like Baltimore.

James Denton Sr. and his wife Deborah Gerow (Giraud) were the first of our line to arrive in that section of Virginia. They came from New York state.  He was the son of Daniel Denton and Martha Purdy. She the daughter of Daniel Gerow and Elizabeth Coutant of Plattekill in Ulster County.  They had eleven documented children and because they often married cousins I can trace my line back to two of them.

Son David James Denton and Catherine “Caty” Blessing were the parents of Elizabeth Denton, my third great grandmother. His brother James Denton, Jr. and wife Nancy Marks were the parents of my third great grandfathers Thomas A. Denton and David Campbell Denton.  David Campbell married his cousin the Elizabeth Denton seen at the top of this paragraph.  Thomas and David’s grandson Frank Nathan Denton and David’s granddaughter Millie Widener married and had my grandmother.

My sixth great grandfather Daniel Denton can be traced back to the Rev. Richard Denton through his son Nathaniel.  This line has been researched and documented by countless others back to their origins in England.

My focus in this blog is to tell the family stories I chase down rather than the genealogy.