This line in my family tree is the most elusive since I have no contact with anyone related to me from it. I never met my grandmother and only learned basic information about her from my Aunts. Much of this was very sketchy.

After confirming her identity with her adopted son I have been trying to piece together the genealogy.  We knew her as Lucy May Reese but she went by Mary later in her life. She married after my father was born and moved to Pennsylvania.

Her parents were Charlie Reese and Ruby Hall and she had two brothers. Her grandparents were James S. Reese born in North Carolina and Susan Howard of the Glassy Mountain area of Greenville County. Susan’s line can be traced back to Captain Thomas Howard of the 1776 Battle of Round Mountain. James is not so clear. At this point I believe him to be the son of Leonard Reece and Matilda Moore of Haywood North Carolina. Ruby Hall’s parents were William Pickens Hall and Rosa Stone of Anderson County South Carolina.

Lucy “Mary” Reese met my grandfather William O. Epps in the textile mill where they worked in Greenville. He was married when she became pregnant. His wife Junie McAlister took her in when my father was born and somehow my father was left there and she raised him as her own. By that time my grandfather and his wife were no longer living together. While not often out in the open this is a fairly common family story line.